Losing the Baby Weight

A series by Ellen Slotkin, Registered Dietitian

Congratulations new moms!

Losing the Baby WeightYour little bundle of joy has finally arrived. Your family has expanded, but have you as well? Does your body look different than you remember it looking 9 months ago? Take heart! is here to help you with your post-delivery shape up. Losing the Baby Weight is a series of articles based on a survey of 700 real-mom readers. Read on for practical suggestions for eating healthfully, toning trouble areas, and taking control of your new lifestyle.

The Baby Weight Survey

We asked and you answered. The results of our 2009 Parenthood Baby Weight Survey are now available, and one thing is for sure, Parenthood moms have a lot to say on the subject! From diet to exercise tips, readers shared their best tips for shedding baby weight pounds. Read on to see the results of the survey, and to learn smart strategies for weight loss victory!

Who took the survey?

Over 700 Parenthood moms aged 18 to 50 took the survey. The average age was 33 and respondents represented all U.S. regions. The average age at first delivery was 27.5 years old and the average weight gained during pregnancy was 30 pounds.

Survey Results

Half of moms surveyed did not purposefully try to lose weight during the first 6 months after delivery. Of the moms that intentionally tried to lose weight in the first 6 months postpartum, 12%, used diet alone, 20% used diet and exercise to lose weight, and 16% used exercise alone. See Moms’ Best Tips for Losing Baby Weight

Breastfeeding. Our survey found that moms that breastfed, lost more weight than those that did not. Get the Top 3 Tips for Weight Loss While Breastfeeding. 

Employment outside of the home. Working equaled more weight loss for our moms.
See Losing Baby Weight: Working vs. Staying Home

Childcare. Moms who had more help watching the baby were more successful at blasting baby weight. For more advice, see Take My Baby, Please! Child Care and Losing Baby Weight.

Fun Exercise! Creativity was the key to success for our readers. Resources for fun exercise programs and active video games.

Stress. Moms under the most stress had the hardest time losing. We can’t always eliminate stress from our lives, but we can try to manage it.

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Ellen Slotkin is a clinical dietitian in Bethesda, Maryland. She is a graduate of Simmons College Boston and completed her post-graduate education at Yale-New Haven Hospital, affiliate of Yale Medical School. Her areas of expertise include nutrition during pregnancy, weight management, and heart healthy nutrition.