Locating an After-School Program
Parents looking for after-school programming for their children should check into some of the following resources:

Your Local School A formal program might already be in place, or officials could point you in the direction of other options in your community.

The State Department of Education By fall 2002, these offices will be the conduit for distributing grants for 21st Century Community Learning Centers. State officials have lists of active after-school programs in your area.

Municipal Offices/Town Hall Most communities track the availability of programs in the area or know of unique programs offered by the city or town.

Your Local Recreation Department Many communities have after-school programs, summer camps, vacation camps and early-release-day options.

Childcare Resource and Referral Agencies Most of these agencies have lists of licensed programs in your area.

The YMCA and Boys and Girls Club These organizations offer fee-based after-school and drop-in programs of all sorts. Some organizations have needs-based scholarships and sliding-scale fees to help all families afford programs. Most also offer vacation programs and summer camps.

Local Churches, Synagogues and Temples Most religious organizations offer some form of programming after school.

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From United Parenting Publications, August 2002