Local Message Board Host Invitation

Local Hosts Wanted for Local Message Boards

We are looking for a few good folks to act as volunteer hosts for message boards serving the following locations:

Hosting is meant to be a fun volunteer position. Most of what you do is to keep the board active by starting new threads about interesting or fun topics with particular focus on resources, activities, and "insider" parenting information in your local region.

The host/co-host is responsible for keeping the forum active by posting interesting posts that members will respond to as well as contribute to other's posts so that they feel acknowledged and that someone is listening. Posts can be personal stories, interesting articles, reviews or comments on events and destinations, polls, games, pretty much anything within site guidelines.

Hosts/co-hosts welcome new members to their forum because it is very important for new members to feel at home so they will come back and post often. Ideally, we would like our hosts to a check in on their forum once a day.

We do not expect hosts/co-hosts to mediate if there is a problem on their forum. If you feel that you have a difficult or inappropriate situation developing, one of our Community Coordinators take will care of it. We want your host job to be fun!!

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