Let's Play Dino!
October is the official Month of the Dinosaur, so take a safari into some dino-mite board games that sneak dinosaur science in with the fun.

Become a dinosaur and try to survive the Mesozoic Era with Survival or Extinction: The Dinosaur Game ($19.95, Latz Chance Games). Perfect for kids ages 5 to 12, homeschoolers or traditional classrooms, The Dinosaur Game lets you adventure through famines and fights as one of 16 types of dinosaurs while integrating scientifically accurate information. A Parents’ Choice Gold Medal winner and a Dr. Toy’s Best Games winner, the game is approved by the Dinosaur Society.

Curve through nine layers of prehistory in the Dinosaur & Things board game ($19.99, Aristoplay) for kids ages 4 to 10. Follow dinosaurs as they develop through time by rolling a die and moving your fossil playing piece along the colored squares. Three decks of question cards and four levels of play keep this board game from becoming a “bored game.”

Play the dino game invented by a 9-year-old (back in 1987). Dinomite ($14.99, University Games) engages kids ages 5 and older in another, less scientific, adventure. Head to Brontosaurus Barge and Lizard Lake while moving your dinosaur-shaped playing pieces across the colorful board.

Calling all Indiana Joneses to Dinosaurs of the Lost World ($24.99, Avalon Hill). An adventure game for the most detailed explorers who can keep track of points for various achievements. For kids ages 8 and older with ways to use the game on an adult level or as a solitaire-style game.

– Troy Corley

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