Learning Comes Alive At The Cemetery: Resources
Find a Grave. A huge on-line database with photos of, info about and directions to the graves of noteworthy people.

Tombstone Traveler’s Guide. This site includes an informative list of tomb symbols, epitaphs, funeral customs, cemetery photos, and more.

The Definitive Guide to Underground Humor: Quaint Quotes About Death, Funny Funeral Home Stories, and Hilarious Headstone Epitaphs, edited by Edward Bergin, Offbeat Publications, 1997. A collection of headstone epitaphs, stories, and quotations, approached respectfully and with humor, for older readers.

To Locate a Cemetery Near You
To locate cemeteries, you can try your local phone book under the heading, “Cemeteries and Memorial Parks.” Or any Visitors and Convention Bureau or historical society can help you find facilities frequented by tourists – whether at home or on a family vacation.

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