Kids and Sports: A Resource Center for Parents

Go for the gold with your own backyard Olympics!

From mascots to medals, here's how you can bring the spirit of the Olympic Games to your  neighborhood.

A Sport for Every Kid
How to Find the Right Sport for a Child Who Isn't Athletic
While many awkward kids steer away from youth sports, they secretly want to play. They see sports as a way to fit in, and they often feel excluded because they don't participate.

How Moms Can Make Youth Sports Safer and More Fun
What serves mothers so well as sports parents is their natural protectiveness, along with their nurturing instinct, emotional openness, and their belief in the importance of fair play, cooperation, connectedness, inclusiveness and the value of doing one's best over winning and competition.

Is Sportsmanship Dead?
The Impact of Parents' Behavior on the Sidelines

Good Sportsmanship for Children... and Parents

Be a good role model for your children. Children learn by example, so show them how to practice good sportsmanship by not always expecting to win.

What Makes a Great Coach?
A Parent’s Primer on Finding a Sports Mentor with the Right Stuff

Playing It Safe
How to Keep Your Young Athlete Injury-Free

Backyard Sports Camp
At-Home Exercises for Aspiring Athletes