Kids & Volunteering: Getting Started
There are many ways that children can reach out and help their community. Some things kids can do include:

• Save nickels, dimes and pennies to donate to a charity.

• Organize a food drive or volunteer at a soup kitchen or food pantry.

• Hold a car wash, raffle, pancake breakfast or bake sale with proceeds benefiting a non-profit organization.

• Adopt a shelter as a classroom or a club and provide a steady donation of food, clothes and toiletries.

• Help clean a trail or a park (get permission first).

• Volunteer at a library.

• Cook a meal for a shelter or organization that allows groups to prepare meals.

• Collect toys, clothes and books that aren’t being used anymore and take them to a shelter.

• Volunteer at a museum or science center.

• Volunteer at a local school or a school in an underprivileged area.

• Check with a local retirement home and visit the elderly. At Christmas time, visit and sing carols with a group.