Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet: Warning Signs
According to CyberPatrolís Safe Surfing Guide, the following are some warning signs
for parents that their child may be involved in inappropriate Internet activity:

Are Your Kids Safe on the Internet?

  • Chat Room Lingo

  • Warning Signs

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  • Hiding computer CDs and disks.

  • Changing or turning off the computer screen whenyou enter the room.

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  • An empty Internet browser history.

  • Finding pornographic or encrypted files on the computer.

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  • Receiving letters, e-mails or gifts from someone you donít know.

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  • Finding an extra Internet account on the computer.

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  • Spending too much time on the Internet or being†online late into the night.

  • Changes in behavior, for example: secretiveness, sleeping problems, neglecting school assignments, avoiding normal social activities or withdrawing from the family.

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