Keep Your Kids' Rooms Neat & Organized

Keeping your child’s room neat and organized can help make playtime more fun and teach a lifetime of good habits. Here are a few ways to conquer clutter in your child’s room:

Take clothes that don’t fit out of circulation. Everything in a child’s bureau and closet should be an item the child wears regularly. If the child hasn’t worn something in six months, donate it to charity, toss it in the rag bag or pass it on to another child.

Keep toys in easy-to-reach containers. Use plastic bins, wicker baskets or wooden chests to sort toys so that kids can find what they want and put it back all by themselves.

• Hang it up. Use hooks for pajamas, jackets, baseball mitts and a laundry bag.

Keep it simple. Make beds neat with a simple comforter instead of a bedspread and blankets. Hang a decorative curtain to hide messy shelving and provide plenty of space for displaying arts and crafts, collections and other kid stuff.

• Rescue old drawers from a discarded bureau. Put them on rolling casters and use them for handy under-the-bed storage.

• Rotate the toys in your child’s room. Take away things that aren’t regularly played with and reintroduce them in a few months. Most kids have so many toys that they won’t even notice when things are gone and they’ll have a new appreciation when they are rediscovered.

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