Keep on Breasteeding … Even After You Return to Work

Here’s How You Can Manage It


Just because you have to go back to work, doesn’t mean you have to stop breastfeeding your baby. Here are some tips on how you can make nursing work even after you’ve returned to work:

Talk with others who have done it
– in your company or elsewhere.

Discuss your plans with your employer
, preferably before starting your maternity leave. Find out what arrangements can be made so you can continue breastfeeding.

Plan how you can nurse your baby a couple of times a day
, if there is on-site or nearby childcare.

Explore part-time, flex-time or work-at-home options and consider their duration.
Once your baby is on “solid” foods, it may be possible to express milk only once during the day or to nurse at home before and after work.

Work with your supervisor and HR department to find solutions that work for you and your company.
If your employer is hesitant, ask about his or her concerns so that you can address them directly.