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Children in classrooms and homes coast to coast will mark the ninth annual Read Across America Day on March 2, celebrating the birth date of beloved children's author, the late  (a.k.a. Dr. Seuss), while also learning that reading is fun.

Schools observe Read Across America Day with special events, such as guest readers in classrooms, birthday cakes for Dr. Seuss and plenty of tall, red-and-white "Cat In The Hat" hats! The National Education Association (NEA) Theodor Geiselencourages educators to make the occasion a school wide event, and past celebrations around the country have included book-lovers' balls, where attendees dress-up as their favorite author, attempts at Guinness World Records, and visits from celebrity readers.

Parents with younger children at home can create their own fun, reading Dr. Seuss books, taking trips to the library and making simple book-oriented crafts.

Find out more about this year's Read Across America at the NEA's Web site. The site includes book lists and tips on reading to your child, as well as a free reading resource kit that you can order or download.

- Dana Morgenstein

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