Injury Prevention Tips for Young Skateboarders
Safe Boarding, Bro!

Whether it’s hitting the half-pipe or cruising through the neighborhood, skateboarding can be lots of fun. It can also help young riders build character, discipline, creativity and fitness. And you can rest easy, as long as you know your young ripper knows how to keep from getting hurt.

Make sure your young boarder learns proper riding techniques and makes these safety precautions a priority:

• Give your board a safety check before going for a ride. Make sure all parts are secure and operating as they’re supposed to.

• Wear protective gear. A helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards should always be worn when riding.

• Learn how to bail to avoid possible slam. Knowing how to fall without getting seriously injured is crucial.

• Don’t ride in the street. The best rides are on smooth, paved, traffic-free surfaces … and don’t ride at night!

• Use your head and don’t try any tricks that seem too risky. Save the really sick moves for designated areas – these require instruction and lots of practice!

• Never hitch a ride from a car, bicycle, etc. That’s one trick that’s just not cool!

And remember, these tips are for all skaters, from beginners to pros. Safety is tight! Have a sweet ride!!