How You Can Make Your Childcare Provider’s Job Easier
Child-care providers have these tips for parents to help the day at day care run smoothly:

Dress your child in weather-appropriate clothing and footwear that’s easy to pull on and off. Dressing a group of young children to go outside in the winter can be frustrating for providers. As soon as the last child is dressed, the other ones start taking their clothes off.

Expect your children to get their clothes dirty at day care and dress them accordingly. Save fancy dresses and party shoes for special occasions. If children aren’t allowed to get their clothes dirty, providers must exclude them from certain activities.

Be sure extra clothing left with the provider still fits your child and is appropriate for the season.

Remember to restock your child’s diaper supply for the provider.

Keep your child’s toys at home. Sending the toy with the child could lead to difficult disputes with other children.

Apply all-day sunscreen on your child before leaving home. If a provider has to put sunscreen on six children, she may miss some spots or be unable to adequately supervise the other children.

If your child is sick, call the provider and describe the illness. The provider can then inform other parents.

Tell the provider ahead of time if someone other than you will pick up your child that day.

Don’t arrive at your child’s day care after having a few drinks. This puts the provider in a difficult situation; he or she can’t allow the parent to drive with the child. If a parent refuses alternate transportation, the provider must call the police once the parent leaves the building.

Recognize that your provider is human. No parent is perfect, neither is a day care provider. Don’t sweat the small stuff, such as mismatched socks or a lost umbrella.

Attend parents’ nights and parent-teacher conferences at day-care centers. Read the parents’ newsletter if your provider has one. These are opportunities to talk about your child’s progress, to learn what goes on at day care.