How to Talk With Your Kids ... Fear of Natural Disasters
By Carol Hildebrand

Your son glimpses a photo of a forest fire on the front page of the newspaper and asks, “Is the fire going to come to our house?”

A typical response: "Don’t be silly."

A more helpful response: Listen for the real question: Is he worried that all of you won’t be safe? Don’t downplay his feelings or share your own fears, but let him know that Mom’s and Dad’s first job is to keep him safe by saying something like, “Mom and Dad know what to do when trouble comes. Our job is to keep you safe all the time.” Point out everyday safety devices such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, and let him know about your emergency plan. "He’s really saying, 'I'm scared,'" says Braun. " You’re saying, ‘I’m the adult in charge and will keep you safe and take care of you.’

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