How to Spice Up Your Invite List
The people who live on your street are part of your community, and you probably won't hesitate to invite them to your summer block party. But there are other communities that you belong to that might benefit from a chance to socialize together:

New School Parents Is your preschooler starting school in the fall? Gather a group of kindergarten parents and kids together for a get-to-know-you barbecue. Serve kids sandwiches and juice boxes in brown lunch bags.

Birth Class Whatever happened to all those nervous couples in your child-birth preparation class? Find out with a reunion party. Serve baby-back ribs and baby spinach salad. Use a baby bathtub as a cooler.

Book Group Have you ever met the husbands and kids of the women in your book group? Plan a party with a literary theme. Use book titles to inspire you or re-create some of the foods described in the books your group has read.

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