How to Know When Your Child Is Ready For... Resources

‘You Want to What?!’

Children’s major developmental stages come with a host of age-appropriate milestones. But that doesn’t mean that your child specifically is ready for them.

“But I’m Almost 13!” An Action Plan for Raising a Responsible Adolescent, by Kenneth R. Ginsburg, M.D., M.S.Ed., with Martha M. Jablow, Contemporary Books, 2002. Provides strategies for motivating and guiding ’tweens, including tips on how to safely increase their independence.

The Hurried Child: Growing Up Too Fast, Too Soon, by David Elkind, Ph.D., Perseus Publishing, 3rd ed., 2001. This classic book explains how and why we force our kids to grow up too fast and what we can do to slow things down.

Keeping Kids Safe, by Kenneth Shore, Prentiss Hall Press, 2001. Covers a wide range of safety issues and offers tips for preparing and protecting kids at home, at school and online.

Unplugging Power Struggles, by Jan Faull, Parenting Press, 2000. Helps parents provide the guidance children need while allowing them to develop skills and confidence. 

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The S Word in Adolescence

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