How to Determine Your Likely Dates of Ovulation

Q: My husband and I are trying to conceive a child. We have used the ovulation charts but my period never happens the same time every month, so we are not sure exactly when I ovulate. Is there a perfect timetable for us to use to know when I will ovulate since my periods aren't regular?

What is an ovulation chart? To predict ovulation, you must know your cycle length. Count the first day of bleeding as day 1. Then count every day until the next period starts. That is your cycle. If your period began July 1st, then the next one began July 31st, you have a 30-day cycle. Ovulation will occur about 14 days PRIOR to the end of the cycle. With a 30 day cycle, you ovulate on day 16. With a textbook 28-day cycle, ovulation is day 14. With a 35-day cycle, ovulation is day 21. The fertile window begins 3 days before ovulation and ends 2 days after. During this 6 day window, have sexual relations 2-3 times, one of them being on the day of ovulation.

Useful Tools:

Use our Basal Body Temperature/Cervical Mucous Chart to increase your fertility awareness.

Be sure to try the Ovulation Calculator to help you calculate your expected due date and likely dates of ovulation.

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