How To Capture The Best Holiday Photo of Your Baby

Stuck with blurry action shots of your growing toddler in his Christmas suit? Check out these tips from, an online greeting card publisher, on how you can get the perfect photos of your little one for the perfect holiday memory.

TIP #1:   The Elusive “Perfect” Photo May Be One-in-a-Thousand  -
Quantity (and a little bit of luck) will almost always ensure quality.   Since babies are unpredictable and the more shots you have, the better.   Don’t be afraid to fill up your camera’s entire memory in one photography session and then delete the ones that don’t turn out.  

TIP #2:    Always, always, always have your digital camera out and charged  - To make sure you get as many milestones as possible, have your digital camera ready all the time.  Make photographing your infant part of your routine. By taking pictures regularly, you can also more easily track growth and development, as your digital photos will have date markers in ‘file properties.’  Your images can actually be a better memory and diary tool than hand-written notes.

TIP #3:   Catch All Your Baby’s Moods  - Don’t fixate on making your baby look beautiful in each photo. If you’re trying to get a posed shot or portrait of your little one, pay attention to your baby’s schedule. A pout or frown can work just as well as a smile and may be more endearing years later.

TIP #4:  Capture Those Perfect Parts  - Don’t forget to take individual close-up pictures of your baby’s hand grasping an adult finger, little toes, and your baby from the back sitting up.  Also, take pictures of their favorite toys, books and nursery items.  These great images and memories will be around a lot longer than the items will.

TIP #5:  Lose the Bird’s Eye View  - Most parent take photos of their baby standing above them, giving the photos a “bird’s eye view” look.  Get down on your baby’s level.  By aligning yourself (and your camera) with your baby, you’ll get a much better perspective and angle in your shots.  Even if they are not looking directly into the camera, capturing a gaze or thought is much more interesting from this angle.

TIP #6  Good Lighting = Great Photos.  Period.   - Think bright, soft light.  If you’re outdoors, cloudy days work well, as well as the end areas of shade.  Avoid deep shade (too dark), bright sunlight (squinting and overexposure) and dimly lit rooms.  Test the light by putting your hand in front of your camera and seeing how “natural” your skin tone looks.  Inside next to windows works perfectly, well –lit rooms.  Flash can work well in filling in shadows, but babies’ eyes are sensitive, so avoid flash wherever possible.

TIP #7  Don’t trap your photos to your hard drive   - Print them!  And when you do, use only the highest quality cards.   MyPublisher offers exceptionally high quality cards with standard envelope liners .