Home Pool Safety List

Supervision is the best defense. Keep your eyes on your child at all times when they are anywhere near the pool. Most drownings happen when parents or caregivers aren’t watching.
Install several levels of barriers. Keep the barriers in working order even during winter months or when the pool is not in use.
Keep all doors leading to the pool from the house locked at all times. Install pins or secondary locking mechanisms out of child’s reach.

A 5-foot fence should completely surround the pool or spa with self-latching/self-locking mechanisms out of your child's reach.

Do not keep toys, pets, or other temptations near the pool – thereby giving your child a reason to want to access the area.

Completely remove pool covers when not in use and make sure no standing water accumulates on top of them.

Make sure there are no footholds on the fence itself or props nearby, which children can use to climb into the pool area.

Bring a cordless phone outside when using the pool and know CPR.

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