HGTV Stars Bob & Cortney Novogratz Talk Decorating

Decorating and organizing your child's room can be a challenge, but that challenge is multiplied when you have multiples! We spoke with Bob and Cortney Novogratz, stars of HGTV's Home By Novogratz and parents of 7 children (including 2 sets of twins!) about decorating and organizing a creative child's room. First, before we get into the decorating questions, how do you manage such a busy schedule with multiples?

Bob & Cortney: We have learned to fit everything in.  We are lucky to use our home as our base, so we can work at the kitchen table while the kids come in and out.  It helps if you can be flexible, and also be relaxed with a controlled kind of chaos, which we are!  We both come from large families! Coming from a large family sounds like great preparation for having a large family! Many times, when families have multiple children, the kids are sharing a room. What inexpensive storage solutions would you suggest for kids sharing rooms? 

Bob & Cortney: All of our kids share rooms, so we know how that goes.  
We make sure that each child in the room gets a desk space of their own and a few shelves to store things and also display their treasures.  We also try to put bins and baskets into the closets or on shelves where the kids can reach their toys and things, and also put them away.  We also love furniture with dual purpose—beds with storage, chairs with storage.  You can also use a book case as a space divider, and put cute plastic or fabric bins on shelves accessible to children.  Or repurpose an old cabinet by painting it a bright color and put storage bins inside for all your kid stuff! How can you make each child's area unique to them, even if they are sharing a room with a sibling?

Bob & Cortney: Each child should have his or her own space.  Sometimes we let each child choose a paint color and make sure one wall in their area is that color.  And if they have their own desk and shelves, etc, then each child can personalize.  And their part of the room is special to them. How can kids participate in the decorating/organizing process? Do you have any ideas for fun crafts they can make to display on their walls? 

Bob & Cortney: We always ask the kids for their opinion on how their rooms should look, and often, they offer décor ideas for the rest of the house!  Listen to your kids, lots of times they have great ideas, and their outlook will keep you thinking young.  We encourage the kids to organize their own things, or at least contribute if they are too small to offer a real opinion.  We definitely display each child’s artwork!  We’ve connected with a great artist Jan Eleni who shrinks the children’s art work to a small size and then you can fit a lot on one display and frame it!  We encourage the kids (ours and all kids) to create their own art, and we try to always make sure there is a place somewhere in the house for them to express their artistic ideas.  And we hang framed art, some of it collectible and some of it found at flea markets, or photos, whatever, in their room, and expose them to art in general.  How can you encourage multiples to share a room enthusiastically? 

Bob & Cortney: We encourage our kids to lean on each other for support and ideas and everything important, so sharing a room helps to foster that closeness.  Also, if you make room-sharing an adventure (which it is!) , then the kids will catch your enthusiasm and be excited.  All of our kids share rooms and have their entire lives, and they love it. 

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