Healthy Updates For Your Child's Lunch Box

Quick Tips for kid-friendly lunch boxes:

  • Try freezing a carton of shelf safe milk the night before, so it will be just the right temperature when it’s lunchtime.
  • Dips are fun at lunch.  Baby carrots with hummus.  Celery sticks in peanut butter.  Apples in fruit yogurt. Pretzels in cheese dip. Yum!
  • Let kids select their own lunch box.  Bento boxes are fun, with lots of little compartments for different healthy treats.
  • Kids will be running faster on the playground when well fueled. Make sure their lunch is protein-packed!
  • For the super picky eater, try putting cereal in their lunch box, along with a carton of shelf safe milk and some fruit.  It’s breakfast for lunch!
  • Make lunches colorful to attract attention.  Like wraps with red or green flatbreads, filled with colorful veggies and cheese.
  • Every now and then, tuck a note or a silly cartoon in  kids’ lunch boxes to make them smile.
  • Use a large cookie cutter to make sandwiches into fun shapes.   Or cut into bite sized squares to be eaten with a toothpick.
  • Include fresh fruits for desserts. Add some protein by packing some Greek yogurt.
  • Consider using fruit and veggie squeeze packs for your kids lunchboxes. Many kids love them, and they provide great nutrition from fruits and vegetables. We like Plum Organics. 
  • Throw in something crazy every now and then. A fun size candy bar or other treat is perfectly fine from time to time, and your child will love finding a fun surprise.