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Health Notes
Health Notes Archives 

by Christina Elston
Short health notes on the latest developments in family medicine. Keep up to date on the latest medical news which has an immediate impact upon you, your family, and your children. 

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January 2008
Your Kids Can Be Dental Inventors
 • New Health Research, and What It Means For Women

December 2007
ER: How Does Yours Stack Up for Kids?

October 2007
 • Ban Recommended on OTC Cold Meds for Young Children
 • Chubby Toddlers Don’t Get Enough Iron
 • New Guide Offers Free Medical Advice on Kids with ADHD
 • Toddlers Can Now Get Flu Vaccine without the Needle

September 2007
 • Tooth-Saving Tips for Trick-or-Treaters

August 2007
 • Blood Sugar in Pregnancy: 'Low Enough' May Not Be Low Enough

 • Dads Can Develop Postpartum Depression
 • Flu Vaccine: When a Sniff Beats a Jab

 • Indoor Pools Linked to Infant Asthma Risk

July 2007
 • Stigma Harms Overweight Kids' Quality of Life
 • Got Allergies? Wash in Hot!
 • Roller Shoes Send Kids Head Over Heels

June 2007
 • Student Athletes Need a Break

 • Kids Heading to Camp Need Meningococcal Vaccine
Asthma Inhalers Make an Environmental Shift
 • Preschoolers Are Getting More Cavities
 • Can Ice Cream Help You Get Pregnant?
 • Number of Girls Treated for Type 2 Diabetes Skyrockets

May 2007
 • Studies Track HPV Vaccine Effectiveness
 • Viruses and Vaccines: New Tools Help Battle Ear Infections

 • Keeping Kids Safe Around Dogs

April 2007
 • Despite Reports of Infant Illness, AAP Stands by Rotavirus Vaccine
 • Cuddle That Hamster, Just Wash Up After
 • Dads, Too, Can Increase Daughters’ Risk for Eating Disorders

 • Cold Meds Can Be Dangerous for Babies and Toddlers
 • You Want Fruit with That?
 • Dispose of Prescription Drugs Safely to Keep Them Out of Teens’ Hands

ize=2>March 2007
 • Antibiotic Drops Best for Infections in Kids with Ear Tubes
 • Kidney Stone Cases on the Rise in Kids
 • Tonsils: Keep 'Em or Have 'Em Removed?
 • Overuse of Video Games Can Lead to Injuries
 • March into Spring Allergy Season
 • Study Finds Parents Need Help Cutting Kids' TV Time

ize=2>February 2007

 • 5 Simple Steps Help Kids Be Cavity-Free
 • Father's Age Could Raise Autism Risk
 • Head Lice Cure Is Blowin' in the Wind
 • 'Energy Drinks' Not a Boost for Kids

January 2007
 • Infant Car Seats Under Fire, But Feds Say They're Safe
 • Head Lice Cure Is Blowin' in the Wind
 • 'Energy Drinks' Not a Boost for Kids
 • Father's Age Could Raise Autism Risk
 • Some Dairy Products OK for Lactose-Intolerant Kids
 • Consumer Reports Withdraws Infant Car Seat Report
 • Resolve to Give Your Kids a Safe, Healthy New Year

December 2006
om/article-topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9967">Dangerous TV: It's Not Just the Shows
om/article-topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9969">Take an Active Winter Break
om/article-topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9970">Cancer Vaccine Recommended for Adolescents
om/article-topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9971">Be a Smart Shopper
om/article-topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9972">Antibiotics Not a Cure for Chronic Ear Infections
om/article-topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9973">Untreated Sleep Apnea Can Harm Kids' Learning
om/article-topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9974">Carseats Are for Transport Only
om/article-topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9975">'Invisible' Liver Disease Endangers Kids
om/article-topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9976">TV Cartoons and Decorations Ease Fear and Pain of Shots

November 2006
om/article-topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9950">Half of Kids with AD/HD Don't Receive Medication
om/article-topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9940">Flu Shots Recommended for All Kids Under 5
• Indoor Heat and the Danger of Carbon Monoxide
• Rotavirus Added as Childhood Vaccine
om/article-topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9942">Holiday Illness: The Uninvited Guest

October 2006
om/article-topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9847">Many 'Off-Label' Prescriptions Not Based on Science
• Chug, Don't Sip, to Protect Your Teeth
om/article-topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9849">A Road Map For Beating Childhood Obesity
om/article-topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9850">It Takes Just a Bit to Get Kids Fit

September 2006
om/article-topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9807">300,000 Kids Are Autistic
• Growing' Program Helps Hospitalized Kids

• Childhood Obesity Linked to Lack of Sleep
• CDC Panel Recommends Chickenpox Booster

August 2006
• Prepare for Battle: The September Sniffles
• Obese Kids Have Few Safety Seat Options
• FDA Approves AD/HD Skin Patch
• A Must-Have for Back-to-School Sports

July 2006

article-topics.php?Article_ID=9682">Fireworks: An Overlooked Danger
article-topics.php?Article_ID=9683">Safe Swimming
article-topics.php?Article_ID=9684">Steamy Shower Not Helpful for Croup
article-topics.php?Article_ID=9686">Asthma Masks Not All Effective
article-topics.php?Article_ID=9685">Bacteria Gets Cute and Cuddly at Petting Zoos

June 2006
article-topics.php?Article_ID=9667">Delaying Start of Solid Foods Doesn’t Prevent Allergies
article-topics.php?Article_ID=9652">Obesity Worsens Among Men and Children
article-topics.php?Article_ID=9633">Do AD/HD Drugs Cause Heart Failure?
article-topics.php?Article_ID=9654">Sunscreen: A Seatbelt for Your Kids' Skin
article-topics.php?Article_ID=9655">...Just Don’t Forget About Vitamin D
 •   Have a Healthy Father

May 2006
article-topics.php?Article_ID=9613">Checkup for Mom
article-topics.php?Article_ID=9614">Temp-Taking Tip
April 2006
article-topics.php?Article_ID=9474">Bird Flu Vaccine for Kids on the Horizon?

 • New Pertussis Shot Advised for Adolescents and Adults
 • A Few Tips for Allergy Season

March 2006
 • "Shrink-Wrap" Lice Treatment Available Over the Counter
 • Antibiotics Over Prescribed for Sore Throat
 • Fast Facts About Rotavirus

February 2006
 • FDA Reviews Deaths of Kids Who Took Tamiflu
 • Health Note: Smile, It's Children's Dental Health Month
 • Health Note: Powered Scooter Trend Boosts ER Visits
 • Report Problems with Kids' Medical Devices
 • Detergent Gel Packs Are Deemed Dangerous for Kids
 • Choking Game Is Deadly for Kids
 • Reducing Kids' Hospitalizations for Asthma
 • Watch the Noise from that Nano

January 2006
 • Feed Your Child's Heart
 • FDA Reviews Deaths of Kids Who Took Tamiflu
 • Resolve to be Prepared
 • AAP Revises SIDS Prevention Guidelines
 • TV Disrupts Preschoolers' Sleep
 • Warning on AD/HD Drug
 • Is Your Teen Watching Her Weight?

December 2005

topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9368">Slashing Asthma Hospitalizations
topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9369">Flu Shot Strategy

November 2005
topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9342">Kids' Melanoma Rate Rising
topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9332">Flu Shots: Earlier = Better
topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9333">Talking Turkey About Thermometers

October 2005
topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9231">Catching Unseen Eye Problems Early On
topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9307">Daytime Sleepiness in Adolescents
topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9308">Taming Tub Injuries

September 2005
topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9158">Ear Infections: A Vaccine May Be On the Way
topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9159">Losing Tonsils to Gain a Good Night’s Sleep
topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9160">A Warning About Lindane for Lice
topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9161">Why Kneepads Are Essential for Young Athletes

August 2005
topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9139">Is Your Dust Dangerous?
topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9135">Safely Storing and Using Breast Milk
topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9137">Backpack Burden Hurts Students
topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9138">Reducing Arsenic Threat on Wooden Decks and Playgrounds

July 2005
topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9039">New Insect Repellent Options
topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9040">Preschoolers on Low-Fat Diets May Miss Essential Vitamins
topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9041">Kids and Fireworks Shouldn’t Mix
topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9042">Keep Those Toddlers Moving
topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9043">New Whooping Cough Vaccine for Adolescents

June 2005

 • Hey, Dad, Time for a Tune-up!
 • Buckle Up Kids...With a Boost
 • CDC Urges Closer Monitoring of Early Development
 • Swim Away From Sickness

May 2005
 • Thinking of Getting Pregnant?
 • Canadian Government Recalls AD/HD Drug
 • Meningitis Vaccine Recommended for Teens
 • Misuse of Bug Repellant Common

April 2005
 • The Great Water Bottle Hoax
 • Chickenpox Deaths Drop Due to Vaccine
 • Drug Reaction Dangers
 • The Radon Reality

March 2005
 • Kids Don't Outgrow Allergy to Stings
 • Fast Food Quickly Fattens
 • Grades Go Up in Smoke
 • The Granddaddy of Children's Studies

February 2005
 • A Heart Is More Than a Valentine
 • Minor Hearing Loss Can Mean Major School Problems
 • Toddler Pacifier Habits No Cause for Alarm

January 2005
 • Have a Very Healthy New Year!

December 2004
 • Asthma Inhalers Often Misused

 • ‘Yes, You Can Have Your Epidural Now’
 • How's the Air in There?
 • Seek Steroid Treatment for Croup

November 2004
 • How Safe  is Your Thanksgiving Turkey Stuffing?
 • New Treatment ‘Shrink-Wraps’ Head Lice
 • Stay Active During Pregnancy to Lower Cholesterol

October 2004
 • Docs Fail to Address Kids’ Weight Problems
 • Chickenpox Vaccine May Require Booster Shots
 • More Research on Uterine Fibroids Needed