Health Check: Building a Better Easter Basket

Feeding Your Family logoBy Larissa Phillips

The "healthification" of various holidays is in full swing, as we all try to cut down on the sugar consumption and ecological waste of many of our holiday traditions. The Easter basket is a prime candidate. To up the health profile of your kids’ baskets without taking away any of the magic, consider some fresh options:

• Use smaller amounts of higher quality chocolate. How about just one really spectacular chocolate bunny?

• Instead of plastic grass, line the baskets with a bright spring-colored dishcloth or napkin. (Perhaps the Easter Bunny intended that cloth for Mom?)

• Replace candy with candles, either egg-shaped or in some other special shape. Children can contribute the candles to the table and help light them at dinner.

• Offer the ultimate symbol of spring: some fresh strawberries in a pretty new bowl, tucked into the basket.

• Celebrate the season with a small pot of pansies, a pot of real green grass or some flower seeds and a child-sized trowel.

Larissa Phillips is a food editor and writer, cooking teacher, food activist.  She is the author of Parenthood's Feeding Your Family column and the Mothership Meals and Satellite Saucers blog.