Haven or Hazard? 5 Rules of Yard Safety

Take the Natural Route to a Great Looking Yard

  • How you can nuture a healthier, safer, pollution-free yard & garden.

  • Make the switch from a chemically dependent lawn to one that’s organic and child-friendly!

  • Your own backyard can be a haven or a hazard for kids. Here are ways to make sure that your children are safe inside and outside of your home.

    Keep Your Yard Clean

    Regularly search for pieces of broken glass, metal, sharp sticks, nails, pails of water (a toddler can drown in just a few inches of standing water), dog and cat feces and garden tools.

    Beware of Chemicals.

    Pesticides, weed killers, lighter fluid, oil and other chemicals should be stored in marked containers up and out of the reach of children.

    Identify Your Plants

    Know what’s growing in your yard and remove wild mushrooms, poison ivy and non-edible berries. Educate your children on the dangers of eating plants (or anything!) that you have not deemed safe.

    Fix It Up

    Repair swing sets that are broken or rusted, examine tree houses for nails and splinters and cover the sandbox to keep neighborhood cats from using it as a litter box.

    Supervise Play

    Watch kids in pools. Don’t allow a five-year old to watch a toddler in a wading pool - even for a minute. Fence off areas where balls might bounce into the street. Remember the old adage. ‘Behind a bouncing ball, comes a running child.” Keep children out of the yard when the mower or other power tool is being used. Locate your barbecue grill away from where children play and out of path of foot traffic. Remember that coals stay hot long after the burgers are eaten, and that the grill can cause burns hours after a cookout is over.