Hands-On Crafts: Doodles and Drawings on Display

Showing Off Your Young Artist’s Masterpieces!

When my husband, Michael, was in preschool, he presented his mother with a large painting of a giraffe. While signing his name, he ran out of room on the paper to fit his large brush strokes on one line so his name was split onto two lines with the letters MIC over the letters HAEL. Proud of her young son’s budding artistic talent, his mother had the picture framed and hung in her home. Over the years, many visitors to her house have remarked on the beautiful, and obviously very expensive, Mic Hael original that she displays.

Your children will beam with pride when they see their paintings and drawings displayed and preserved in your home. You and your kids can create fun and easy ways to show off and save their precious art by following the instructions below. Your friends will surely be impressed by your collection of masterpieces by the hottest new artists on the art scene!

Ages:  3-10

Time:  1-2 hours

Skills required:  Cutting, drawing, gluing and painting

Materials:  3-by-36-inch piece of balsa wood, spring-type clothespins, craft glue, picture hangers, two pieces of poster board, hole punch, ruler, pencil, ribbon or yarn, paint, paintbrushes, markers, stickers.

Display Board

"mso-bidi-font-style: normal">Hang the “pictures of the week” on this handy, homemade display board.

Start by having your child paint the balsa wood strip and the clothespins. Be sure to include the artist’s name on the wood strip. After the paint has dried, glue the clothespins onto the wood.

The strip can be hung either horizontally or vertically (perhaps on the back of a door). Make sure that the clothespins are glued to the wood so that they open at the bottom and the art will hang down for whichever way the strip is hung. Attach picture hangers to the back of the wood and hang the strip on a wall.

Kids’ Art Portfolio

"mso-bidi-font-style: normal">Kids can also make a portfolio for easy storage of their greatest drawings and paintings.

Begin with two pieces of poster board. Use a ruler and pencil to draw a straight line a half inch from the edge of the poster board on three sides. Use the hole punch to punch a hole every half-inch on each of the lines.

Next, lay the poster board with the holes over the poster board without holes. Make a pencil mark in the center of each hole. Punch the holes on the marks on the second poster board so the holes line up. After you’ve punched holes on three sides of each poster board, lace the pieces together: Tie off a piece of ribbon in one of the corners and lace it through both poster boards and up through the next hole. When all three sides are laced together, decorate the portfolio using markers, stickers or paints.

Make a Note

Another great way to preserve and show off children’s artwork is to create note cards using their drawings and paintings.

Have your child paint, draw or color a picture on plain white paper. Take the picture to a printing shop and have it copied (in black and white or color) onto card stock. The image can be reduced or enlarged so that it is roughly 4.25 by 5.5 inches. Be sure to have the copies made with two copies of the picture side by side at the bottom of the page so that the card stock can be cut up the middle and folded to create two cards from each 8.5-by-11-inch sheet. Gather 10 note cards and matching envelopes together and tie with raffia or ribbon to create a priceless gift for grandparents or teachers.

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