Handling Your Child's Cheating

  • Be relieved that your child has been caught now, before his or her cheating gets out of hand.

  • Donít try to protect your child from failure. Make her accountable for her actions.

  • See this as an opportunity for your child to learn and grow. Let him dwell on what he has done.

  • Stay focused on what your child needs now. This is not about whether she is going to college or not.

  • Set clear limits. Let your child know that you love him, but that he has made a mistake.

  • Catch your child being good, and congratulate her on doing the right thing.

  • Recognize that you may be encouraging your child to cheat if you focus exclusively on his grades. Remember, kids go to school to learn. You may want to shift emphasis away from results and on to the learning process.

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