Goodies & Gadgets: Soup Skimmers

Feeding Your FamilyBy Larissa Phillips

Homemade soup stock is one of the most economical – and healthy – foods out there. But it’s not enough to put the poultry or beef bones onto a slow simmer for a few hours.

You’ve also got to skim. And then you’ve got to skim. And then you’ve got to skim some more.

soup skimmerDepending on your personality type, this can be one of the most enjoyable – or most tiresome – aspects of the process. I fall into the former category, especially when I use my handy soup skimmer. The screen ladle makes quick work of removing the yucky foam that bubbles to the surface of a gently cooking stock. Available at Williams-Sonoma for $22, at IKEA for $4.99, and in Chinatown for probably less.

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