GOODIES & GADGETS: Picnics Galore

By Larissa Phillips

Just what we need, another coffee table book about picnics – jammed, of course, with gorgeous photos of beautifully styled food.

PcinicsPicnics, a new book by Hilary Heminway and Alex Heminway (Gibbs-Smith Publisher, $19.95), is filled with recipes and suggestions for events like the Saddlebag Picnics, Aerobic Picnics and even Rainy Day Picnics. But while no picnic I’ve ever attended has looked as improbably gorgeous as those photographed by Audrey Hall for this book, I have to admit I had barely browsed a third of its pages before finding myself really excited to go on a picnic.

Grilled Banana Bread with Vanilla Ice Cream and Carmelized Pineapples; Skewered Meatballs in lettuce leaf wraps (no need for napkins or plates!); Chocolate “Scat” Cookies; and bird snacks (bag of sunflower seeds) were some of many ideas I loved.

Now I just have to find a screened-in porch or photogenic barn eave for my next rainy-day picnic.

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