Goodies & Gadgets and Gifts! Bee-Friending Honey

By Larissa Phillips

It’s not just the economy – bee civilizations are having a rough time, too, with a mysterious condition known as “colony collapse disorder” afflicting hives across the country. Gardening groups have begun suggesting planting bee-friendly flowers to support the bees; an even easier thing we can do is to buy honey. The gift of sweetness is perfect for the holidays, and offers important support to beekeepers and tea-drinkers alike.

Buy honey from your local producers, or let your fingers do the harvesting – on the Internet. This honey gift pack from Bee Pure Honey ($18.75) was produced on a small bee farm in Wisconsin. For more ways to use honey, take a look at my Health Check, Honey for the Sick.  For other regional American food specialties, go to

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