Good for the Goose
What’s good for the goose is also good for the gosling when you’re listening to the creative and inspired Mother Goose’s Never-Ending Tea Party, the latest outing from Re-Bop Records. Sixty – yes, that’s 6-0 – traditional and original songs and rhymes zip past in 60 minutes. The premise is fun and revolves around a dawn-to-dusk tea party with all the usual-suspect nursery-rhyme characters in attendance. The concept is winning and the performances are stellar, especially the intimate family moments between parent and child reciting the familiar rhymes. This recording reminds us why nursery rhymes are alive and well hundreds of years after their creation. A beautifully illustrated lyric and rhyme booklet is included. See you at the tea party, by the sea at half-past three?

Mother Goose’s Never-Ending Tea Party, Re-Bop Records, $14.98 CD; 800-OK-REBOP,  

Now let’s take Mother Goose, give her a nice pair of shades, maybe a little leather, spike that hair a tad, strap on an electric guitar – and listen to her rock on with veteran Nashville musician Lynn Kitchens. The result is a kick-your-shoes-off recording, Rockin’ with the Goose! The real-musician feel of the tracks is refreshing, and hip parents will instantly recognize nods to The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top and others. “Humpty Dumpty is Journey meets Toto with Chicago sitting in,” says Kitchens.

The horn section on this album absolutely smokes. And Kitchens himself – as writer, producer and lead vocalist – definitely has the chops to carry this labor of love to fruition. A fun sing-out-loud-roll-the-windows-down vacation CD for the whole family.

Rockin’ with the Goose!, H. Lynn Kitchens, Rockin’ with the Goose Productions, $14.95 CD;

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