Gimme Some More!

By Troy Corley

Enjoy the dog days of summer by celebrating two kid-friendly, yet not widely known holidays: National Símores Day, Aug. 10, and National Toasted Marshmallow Day, Aug. 30.

I kid you not. These are actual holidays and you can find them on the National Confectioners Associationís Web site. Here you can also read about the history of marshmallows

Find a recipe to create your own at home. Since marshmallows are no longer made using the mallow plant, the ingredients are readily found in your kitchen pantry.

Americans buy 90 million pounds of marshmallows every year and during the summer 50 percent of them are toasted over the fire. Undoubtedly, many of them are used as one of the three main ingredients in the worldís most popular campfire treat Ė símores.

No one knows when the first símore, made of toasted marshmallows placed on top of a piece of chocolate on a graham cracker, was invented. But a recipe did appear in a 1927 Girl Scout cookbook. Símore, of course, is Girl Scout shorthand for ďGimme Some More.Ē

If youíd like to jazz up the traditional símore recipe, surf to the Scouting Web cooking page for dozens of gooey treats. Try some símore sundaes, símore pancakes and símore tacos.

You can even teach the kids a bit of science by making símores in your back yard using the sunís energy instead of a roaring campfire. NASAís Solar Símores are simple and safe to make.

For some added fun, surf to Shockwaveís game site and let the kids play Símore Wars, an online strategy puzzle game.