Getting Your Relationship Ready for Baby: Keys to Effective Communication

By Sharon Fried Buchalter, Ph.D.

A fundamental truth about relationships is that your intimacy is founded upon your ability to speak with each other and trust what you hear. Communication consists of speaking a clear message and also listening attentively. If you and your partner don’t speak and listen clearly with each other, then your children are likely to get mixed messages about what you expect from them.

The following coaching tips can alert you to communication opportunities:

• Staying focused in your communication is keeping your eye on your audience and your mind on your topic.

• Have a conversation rather than give a lecture or deliver a monologue. A genuine conversation flows from you easily, like having a cup of coffee with a friend.

• Speak clearly in words that are inviting and engaging, not with words that produce stumbling blocks or barriers.

• The human mind thinks in images and pictures. Paint pictures with your words. Use metaphors or tell a story to get your point across.

• Stay in the present tense with your conversation. Wandering to the past isn’t necessary.

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