Get Your Own Game On
by Carol Band

At first glance, computer games seem to be the antithesis of what Family Game Night is all about. Even if you have a home network and can set everyone up at an individual computer station, playing Scrabble with Mom online isn\'t the same as sitting across from her at the kitchen table. Still, a computer version of a favorite game can be lots of fun and can hone your skills for the face-to-face competition.

Sites such as MSNŽ Games, Yahoo! Games and host online versions of most favorite card and classic board games.

When a teen goes off to college, or Grandma moves to Arizona, Family Game Night can continue on the Internet. Plan to meet at a certain site and log on. Many games include chat windows so that you can communicate with each other during the game. Add a Web cam and it\'s almost like being there. Almost.

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