Games for Toddlers to Teens

By Carol Band

Here are some time-tested classics as well as new-found favorites for kids at different ages:

Ages 3 to 5: Candy Land, Blokus, Snail's Pace Race Board Game, Chutes and Ladders, I Spy Preschool Board Game, Who Lives Where?, My First Brain Quest: Animal Matching, and The Lady Bug Game

Ages 6 to 8: Cranium Cadoo for Kids, Boggle, Scrabble Junior, Monopoly Junior, Twister, Checkers, Bingo, My Word, Clue Junior, Uno, and Pit

Ages 9 to 12: Apples to Apples Junior, Monopoly Math, The Game of Life, Perquacky, Yahtzee, Mille Bornes, Pay Day, Othello, and Pictionary

Teens and beyond: The Settlers of Catan, Risk (try the Star Wars version), poker, Cranium, Trivial Pursuit, and Scene-It!

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