Gadgets & Goodies: The Picnic Tin
From Feeding Your Family by Larissa Phillips

I’m a sucker for all those deluxe picnic baskets – the kind that come outfitted with all the cutlery, wine opener and little matching plates. I’m not so crazy about actually using those baskets. I find them unwieldy and hard to carry. In my previous life as a child-free beach bum – great. Just open the rusty pickup and carry the picnic baskets to the beach. But my picnic bags are now jam-packed with paper towels, wipes, water bottles, bubbles, balls, squirt guns and more; and I need a spare hand to help little ones across the street on our way to the park.

Enter my new favorite picnic dinner container, the Stainless Steel 3-Tier Lunch Box. Used in China for years, this classic lunch pail suddenly makes a lot of sense. It’s stainless steel, so my concerns about packing food in plastics can get a rest. And, it packs a lot of food! With two pails, I can neatly pack a huge meal, with appetizers, dinner and dessert for the whole family, and still have room for the rest of our picnic paraphernalia in our bags. Available at Pearl