Fun that Floats from Mommy and Me
A Super Clean Boat
so-layout-grid-align: none; punctuation-wrap: simple">Ivory™ soap floats – turn it into a boat!

Ships Ahoy!
Try our boat-building project -- introduce the magic of the sail and the physics of floating.

so-layout-grid-align: none; punctuation-wrap: simple">• Take a rectangular piece of paper.

so-layout-grid-align: none; punctuation-wrap: simple">• Fold the paper in half.

so-layout-grid-align: none; punctuation-wrap: simple">• Punch two holes into the paper along the fold line, one near the top and one near the bottom.

so-layout-grid-align: none; punctuation-wrap: simple">• Insert a straw, pencil or dowel into these holes for a mast.

so-layout-grid-align: none; punctuation-wrap: simple">• Poke the “mast” into a bar of Ivory soap.

Remember, every sailor should keep a boat clean and ship-shape.

Bonus Boats – Other materials you can use for boats include foil, wood or milk cartons. It’s also fun to try to build boats from plastic building blocks. Try to sink the boats with pennies, toy people, keys, etc. You can also find an origami book and make a paper boat. 

Styrofoam™ Boat – Styrofoam containers used for takeout can be recycled into great boats. Punch a hole through the top of the container and poke a straw, unsharpened pencil or dowel. Tape a sail made from construction paper to the mast and you’re ready for a sailboat race. (You might want to place a dab of glue on the bottom of the mast to help it stay upright.)

Sink or Swim – For older children, create a “Floating and Sinking Chart” to log items that float in water and those that do not. Let your child place various items in a tub of water and record whether or not it floats. Discuss the results of the experiment.

The Unsinkable Egg – Here’s a trick that will demonstrate why it’s easier to float in the ocean than in fresh water. Fill a large glass with hot tap water. Using a spoon, ease a fresh egg into the water. It will sink to the bottom because it has greater density than water. Next, stir some table salt into the water until the egg rises. The salt increases the water’s density, making it heavier than the egg. As a result, the egg now floats!

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