Frugalizing Your Family: Clothes

By Susan Flynn

t's hard to get your money's worth out of children's clothes. New sneakers no longer fit after three months; a must-have jacket from last season is now out of style.

That's why parents shop secondhand stores and yard sales. Allen Clark also recommends that parents buy clothes from parents with older children, or develop a swap. Before her friend takes clothes to a consignment shop, she looks them over, offering 50 cents to $1 per item. "I am still a brand-name snob," she says. "I just prefer to pay less for them."

Fulreader took part in a top (shirts, sweaters, jackets, etc.) swap with friends in her book club. "It was a lot of fun and everyone left with two or three new tops, which will certainly save us money."

Other ideas:

  • Search the Web for designer store or catalog names to find online coupons and free shipping codes for use with online purchases.

  • Shop in the spring for winter clothes on sale and in the fall for summer clothes on sale. Andrews never goes back-to-school shopping before school. "Two weeks later, all the clothes are 50 percent off," she notes.

  • Buy children's clothes in a slightly larger size.Click here to search for the best prices on anything...

  • Teach kids to keep clean clothes out of the hamper. They last longer with fewer washes.

  • Add your name to store mailing lists for coupons and advance notice of sales.

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