Frugalizing Your Family: Books and Online Resources

By Susan Flynn


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  • America's Cheapest Family  - Offers tips and strategies for living frugally, as well as The HomeEconomiser Newsletter (six times a year for a $12 subscription).

  • The Coupon Mom  - Lists free coupon deals at Target, Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and 36 grocery stores in 50 states.

  • The Dollar Stretcher  - This newsletter and Web site provide commonsense tips on topics such as how to obtain a closet full of clothes for less, downsize your debt and even shrink your waistline.

  • Home Energy Saver  - Offers customized tips for improving your home's energy efficiency. Type in your zip code to see the average home energy bill in your town compared to the bill for an efficient home. Ouch!

  • Miserly Moms  - Features frugal recipes, budget calculators and a place to share "miserly tips" of your own.

  • MomAdvice  - Presents articles on frugal living, work-at-home opportunities, inexpensive recipes and organizing tips.

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