Frosty Fun Inside and Out

Whether the forecast is for a mid-winter heat wave or 10 inches of fresh snow, your family will have a great time trying some of these activities that celebrate the fun and beauty of the winter season.

Ages: 3 - 10

Time: 1 hour

Skills Required: drawing, cutting, gluing, painting

Materials: construction paper, markers, crayons, chalk, scissors, paint, paint brush, Epsom salt, shaving cream, glue, glitter, empty toilet paper rolls, contact paper, cotton balls, empty milk box, maple syrup

Sparkle Snow Pictures

White paint is great for snow scenes, but you can add dimension and sparkle to snow pictures with these fun ideas:

Paint a puffy picture: To capture the beauty of a fresh, deep snowfall mix equal parts of shaving cream (unscented works best) and white glue. Draw a winter scene on construction paper (use a dark color like blue or black) and then add the snow by painting on the shaving cream mixture with a paint brush.

Make your snowy pictures sparkle: After painting a picture of winter snow with white paint, sprinkle silver or iridescent glitter on the wet white paint. The glitter will stick and add the glimmer of fresh fallen snow on a sunny day. Don’t have any glitter? Salt works well too!

Shimmering snowflakes and snowmen: Cut out snowflake and snowmen shapes or draw them with white chalk on dark paper. Mix one-half cup Epsom salt with one-half cup boiling water. After salt is mostly dissolved, paint mixture on cutouts or drawings. Check out the shimmering icy splinters when the mixture dries.

Create unique snowflake prints: No two snowflakes are alike and neither are these pretty prints! Take an empty toilet paper roll and cut several slits into one end. Use decorative edge scissors for unique patterns. Dip the cut end of the toilet paper roll into white paint (mix in some glitter if you like) and then onto dark paper to make snowflake prints.

No mess snow scene picture: Cut a piece of clear contact paper into an 8 inch by 11 inch rectangle. Staple the contact paper, sticky side up, onto a piece of dark construction paper. Peel the backing off the contact paper to reveal the sticky surface. Stick cotton balls, Styrofoam packing peanuts, or construction paper cutouts onto the sticky surface to make a winter picture. No glue, no mess.


Building a snowman
is one of childhood’s winter rituals, but what if it’s too cold outside or there’s no snow where you live? Just sled the Web for snowman fun!