Freedomís Feast: A More Meaningful Thanksgiving

Looking to make a Thanksgiving more meaningful and fun this year?

Rather than simply stuffing your family with turkey and all the fixinís, and spending hours planted in front of the TV, why not use the occasion to bond as a family and teach your kids the core values of the American story?

A three-year-old nonprofit initiative inspired by the heroes of 9/11 called Freedomís Feast makes it easy to put more meaning and thanks into your Thanksgiving celebration. It offers a free series of customizable, nondenominational ceremonies, songs and readings your family can use to remember and pass on our Founding Fathersí vision and ideals for the nation. Drawing upon the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the ceremonies bring out the special significance of the Thanksgiving holiday and emphasize the importance of every citizenís role in sustaining this ďexperiment in ordered liberty.Ē

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