Foreign Adoptions

A Little Russian Miracle

ILY: Verdana">For most couples, starting a family usually doesn't involve flying halfway across the globe, but for so many families today, it is a wonderful opportunity to have the family they have always dreamed of having. After months of trying to conceive a child, the Barkers were unsuccessful.  They knew they wanted a family and began to look into the possibility of international adoption. 

ILY: Verdana; mso-bidi-font-size: 14.0pt">“Over a period of time, we investigated many adoption agencies.  Finally, we found Genesis Adoptions in Alpharetta, Georgia,” says Brandon Barker.  The Barkers contacted Genesis Adoptions, which specializes in Eastern European adoptions. Soon after attending a seminar and meeting with an adoption coordinator, they began their adoption journey with Genesis. Over the next few weeks, they met with a case manager that offered support and compassion and stood by them throughout their entire adoption journey. 

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ILY: Verdana; mso-bidi-font-size: 14.0pt">Genesis Adoptions is able to provide their adoptive parents with the best of both worlds: the warmth and personalized attention of a small adoption agency, with the realibility and extraordinary knowledge of excellent international facilitators.  Genesis Adoptions is able to offer their families very strong adoption programs and have placed hundreds of children in loving homes for more than 15 years.

Shortly after beginning their adoption journey, the Barkers saw their beautiful blond haired baby girl for the first time.  They fell in love with her and knew she was destined to be theirs.  The next day, they contacted Genesis, eager to begin the next phase of their adoption journey, looking forward to the day they would bring her home forever. 

A few weeks passed and the Barkers received a phone call from Genesis Adoptions telling them they had a travel date.  “WOW, we were actually going to meet our beautiful daughter,” Brandon thought.  The Barkers were so excited and could hardly wait to make the trip to Russia to hold their baby in their arms for the very first time. 

Once the Barkers arrived in Russia they met the loving daughter they had always dreamed of welcoming into their family. “Words cannot describe our feelings the first time we saw her.  Both of us cried in delight and joy.  She was the most perfect, precious baby we had ever seen,” says Katee.  “Nothing can compare to the first time you hold your baby in your arms.”  The Barkers spent the next few days bonding with their new baby girl and wishing their time with her would never end.  When the day came to say goodbye, they both cried, but in their hearts knew that she was theirs and they would be back to bring her home soon. 

The most difficult part of the journey often comes next… waiting on a court date. “Those next few weeks of waiting were stressful,” Katee says, “however, during that time, Genesis continued to support us, even if it were only to call and say we are thinking of you.”   

Not long after they returned home, they received a phone call from Genesis.  The Barkers had a court date.  “Hallelujah, we were going to get our daughter and bring her home, thought Brandon.  Now they were preparing for the final leg of their adoption journey, traveling to Russia to bring their daughter home to her forever family. 

Needless to say, the night before their court date was a sleepless one for both of them.  However, after being in court for only a few minutes with their representative, they both felt at ease and knew that they would soon be leaving for home with their daughter.  Once the adoption had been granted, the Barkers traveled back to their hotel and waited on the necessary paperwork.  A short time later, they returned to the orphanage, one last time.  There was an emotional farewell from the caretakers, but they where also very happy knowing this was obviously the very best future for this wonderful little girl.  After many goodbyes, the Barkers pulled away from the orphanage, with their daughter in their arms. Once all the paperwork was completed, they headed home -- this time, as a family.

“Before God led us to Genesis Adoptions, we would get very sad over our inability to conceive a child, says Katee.  “Today, we are thankful that God showed us another way to begin our family.  We know that without the help of Genesis Adoptions, we would not have our beautiful daughter, and for that we will be forever grateful.”