Flexible Work Goes Mainstream

Sarah Bennett-Astesano

If one of your goals for this year is to achieve a more flexible work schedule but you don't know how to approach your bottom-line focused boss, you now have some real fire power in your corner.

For the first time, evidence gathered by companies themselves has been compiled into a report touting the benefits of flexible work arrangements: Business Impacts of Flexibility: An Imperative for Expansion.

Published by Corporate Voices for Working Families, a nonprofit partnership committed to fostering public and private investments in family supports that are effective for the workforce as a whole, the study examined the business case for expanding flexibility. Key findings include:

  • Flexibility has saved individual companies millions of dollars by retaining talent and preventing turnover.
  • Flexibility leads to higher job satisfaction and stronger commitment to the job, which translate into innovation, quality, customer retention and shareholder value.
  • Flexibility is a driver of financial performance and productivity and is correlated to increased revenue generation.

Still can't convince your boss? See if he or she would like to join some prestigious company: Senior corporate executives from Deloitte & Touche, Ernst & Young, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Marriott International and PNC Financial have signed a formal statement committing their organizations to providing leadership on workplace flexibility.

You can read the report and the statement of support at

- Sarah Bennett-Astesano