Feeding Your Family: What's in Season? Mystery Vegetables

The Farmers' Markets are filling up around this time of year. Why not play the Mystery Vegetable game? Let your kids pick out the weirdest looking vegetable (or fruit) they can find. It might be a white eggplant in the shape of an egg, a purple carrot, a bunch of rainbow-colored chard or – who knows? – something far more mysterious.

When you get home, look through cookbooks or on the Internet to find out what it is, and how to cook it. Or – just wing it! Hint: If all else fails, try sauteeing in olive oil and garlic with a sprinkle of sea salt and a spritz of lemon. If it looks really challenging, peel it, slice it, coat it in bread crumbs and fry it up.

Bon Appetit!

- Larissa Phillips

Larissa Phillips is an award-winning writer, cooking instructor and food writer for Email her at