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Feeding Your Family - A Newsletter
Living Large...

I am going macrobiotic. Not in the traditional sense of the word, of course. The standard macrobiotic diet – with its prescription for brown rice, seaweed and not much else – left me shaky and starving the one time I seriously tried it. But, as it turns out, there is more to macrobiotic than just vegan Japanese food...

Health Check
Diet Soda Deception...

For decades, diet sodas have offered consumers a free pass: the sweet effervescence of a soda, for the inviting price of zero calories. But how truly free is that pass? [More]

Things We Love
Cloth Shopping Bags

All around the world, countries from Australia to Zanzibar are banning or limiting plastic bags, and the idea is beginning to catch on here in the United States. We go through 100 billion plastic bags a year, and recycle less than 1 percent of that staggering amount. Aside from taking up space in landfills for the next 500 years, plastic bags litter landscapes, kill marine life and get tangled on power lines and in drain pipes. [More]

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Community Connection

Cooking Forum: How do you handle the picky eaters and different tastes in your family? Share your recipes and solutions in the Cooking Forum.

This Month’s Recipes
Baked Veggie Tempura

October is still a prime harvest month. To use up some of the incredible bounty at the farmers’ market, try this healthier version of a classic Japanese favorite: vegetable tempura. To choose your vegetables, just visit the market and see what catches your eye. This is a great vegetarian main dish.

    • Honey Mustard Sauce
    • Japanese Dipping Sauce  

What's In Season?

There are so many different kinds of squash, and your local grocery store is simply not going to cut it. Head out to the farmers’ market and buy something crazy! Delicata, buttercup, acorn, crookneck, kabocha … the list goes on... [More]

Flash Fact:
Wasted Food

The average U.S. household throws out 1.28 pounds of food every day, or 470 pounds of food annually, according to University of Arizona anthropologist Timothy Jones, Ph.D., who has been studying food waste under a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Jones estimates that between household waste and agricultural waste, nearly 50 percent of all food produced in America is discarded rather than eaten.

For more of Larissa Phillips' Feeding Your Family recipes and articles, visit the Feeding Your Family Archive.

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