Feeding Your Family: Crust Bust

Since it's officially pie season, it's high time to get the rolling pin out. Forget all the talk about perfect pie crusts. It is very hard to mess up the magical combination of pastry, sugar and fruit, baked together to bubbly crumbly deliciousness. But if you're like me, and always trying to make your decadence a little more wholesome, consider staying away from the refined white flour path.

Using 100 percent whole wheat makes a dense, dark pastry (or cookie or cake). To avoid a leaden crust that only the most hard core amongst us will enjoy, consider these other options:

  • A mixture of half whole wheat and half white flour
  • Whole wheat pastry flour (a finer grind of softer whole wheat)
  • White whole wheat flour (a whole grain flour made from a dense, soft wheat)
  • Regular whole wheat, minus 2 tablespoons per every cup
- Larissa Phillips

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