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By Larissa Phillips


Food Fights (December 07)
Kids and food are always a touchy subject. But when you add holiday dinners, strange dishes and, well, overly-indulgent grandparents, mealtimes can get pretty dicey around this time of year. What’s a health-minded mom to do?
Recipe: 'Beautiful' Roasted Vegetables

A (Truly) Healthy Harvest Feast (November 07)
Every year around this time, the suggestions start pouring in: how to gorge one’s way through the holiday feast, without racking up the fat and calories. The ideas are endless, and mostly of a particularly sinister nature: fat-free stuffing, egg-white-only pumpkin pie, low-fat gravy, sugar substitutes. The obesity problem, it seems, can be traced to this once-a-year meal, and if we can just cut the fat and sugar out of Turkey Day, we’ll all be fine. I could not disagree more. Recipes: All Purpose Turkey Stock, Quick and Delicious Turkey Soup

Living Large (October 07)
I am going macrobiotic. Not in the traditional sense of the word, of course. The standard macrobiotic diet – with its prescription for brown rice, seaweed and not much else – left me shaky and starving the one time I seriously tried it. But, as it turns out, there is more to macrobiotic than just vegan Japanese food...
">Recipes: Baked Veggie Tempura,
Honey Mustard Sauce">, Japanese Dipping Sauce

What You Can Do to Improve School Food (September 07)">
Are you disturbed by the food your child is encountering in school? Whether you want to join in the national movement to overhaul the school lunch program, or just make sure your kindergartner doesn't come home with a newfound taste for orange cheez-puffs and chocolate milk, there are many things you can do. Here are 10 ideas to get you started...

Recipes: Healthy Lunch-Box Ideas

Keeping Your Cool (August 07)
I envy the southern matrons of generations ago. Come the dog days of August, they simply moved their kitchen work from their stately but un-air-conditioned homes to an outbuilding, where the heat of the baking pies and frying chicken wouldn't add to the heat of the house. Of course, I don't envy the cooks who were out there in the stifling, annexed kitchens, actually doing the cooking. But the idea has its appeal. Now that I am both matron and cook in my own house, with not even a modern approximation of the outdoor kitchen, I have to make do with the best kitchen tool of all...
Recipes: Gazpacho, Quesadillas, Guacamole

The Beefetarian Blues (July 07)
I have to admit, I am a complete failure when it comes to vegetarianism. I have tried to quit meat since I was a teenager, when my older sister first brought home this cool new idea about food. We both promptly quit meat - with different results. What was effortless for my sister was torture for me....
Recipes: Vietnamese Salad Rolls, Meat marinade (beef or pork), Dipping Sauce

Welcome to the Juice Wars! (June 07)
We have a problem in my house. It comes in a rainbow of colors and flavors, goes by a seemingly limitless number of names, and is available on almost every street corner in town. It’s juice, and no matter what kind it is, my children will drink it by the gallon.

Recipes: Watermelon Slush, Palm Berry Smoothie, Lemon Soda, Blueberry Pie

Garden Magic: For kids & adults (May 07)
When I was a child, I thought my grandparents were so boring. All they wanted to talk about was gardening. They used to write me letters at camp about their garden! We would drive 15 hours to see my grandfather, and the first thing we’d have to do was go look at his garden. Back then, I didn’t want to talk about gardening, and I certainly didn’t want to pull weeds. But I sure did love spending time among the plants. Gardens are magical places for children...
Recipes: Tabouli with Feta, Arugula with Lentils and Bacon

The Last Days of Diets (Apr. 07)
Some people just like to eat. Like me, for example. As far back as I can remember, I was the kid who wanted seconds, who yelled the loudest for ice cream, who asked for a third or fourth or fifth piece of bacon.
Recipe: Pasta Primavera

The Empty Cupboard Syndrome (Mar. 07)
In our times of plenty, most Americans don't worry about starving. We don't have to scrape the flour drawer and save bacon drippings to make biscuits for our hungry children. But that doesn't mean we aren't challenged...
Recipe: Tortilla Español

For Healthy Hearts... (Feb. 07)
Stay away from trans fats, but for protection against heart disease - and for an enjoyable diet - replace processed foods and animal fats with fish, whole grains, olive oil, avocados, nuts and seeds. Your heart (and your waistline) will thank you.

Recipe: Breaded Tilapia Fillets

Time to Reconsider Family Dining Habits (Jan. 2007) If there's one resolution you make this year, make it about family dinner - either to start practicing it, or to keep cherishing it.Here's to a healthier - and homier - New Year!
Recipes: Roast Chicken, Chicken Soup, Basic Vinaigrettes

Holiday Haven Don't let the hustle and bustle of the holidays keep you from some of the pleasurable family moments of this season: at the dinner table. Includes tips for making even weeknight dinners special.
Recipes: Penne Pasta with Sausage and Kale, Linguine with Clam, Greens and Tomatoes

The Power of Pie Thanksgiving dinner is a tough one for families with young children. It's like this terrible obstacle course. Never is a small child expected to sit at the table for so long, eat so many new foods, all the while posing for pictures meant to go down for the ages...

A Pack of Picky Eaters I'm sure there's a family or two out there whose members share identical taste buds, but most families with kids possess wildly disparate appetites. In my family of four, we all like one thing: steak. Regarding every other dish in the universe, at least one of us differs.

Reading, Writing … and Eating! My son learned two incredible things in school last year. One was how to read. The other was that he loved salad.

icle-topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9743">The Organic Panic: You Needn't Bust Your Budget to Avoid Pesticides - Now that Wal-Mart is selling organic foods, pesticide-free meals should become the norm on every family's table, right? Well, maybe not. Even with the nation's leading food retailer getting in on the game, a 100-percent organic diet will most likely remain out of the financial reach of most families.

icle-topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9673">Feeding Your Family: The Greener Grill
Whether barbecues are on the beach like mine were, in a city backyard like my family does now, or anywhere in between, all those sights and sounds and flavors build up into a bank of memories, inextricably intertwining those foods with those family events.
Recipes: Shish Kebab - Yummy Yogurt Sauce - Grilled Vegetables with Feta Cheese - Lemon Bulgur

icle-topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9643">Feeding Your Family: Gimme Some (Real) Sugar!
If your kids are going to eat sweets (and what kid isn't?), avoid high fructose corn syrup, and opt for desserts and candies with nuts or seeds in them. Their fiber helps slow down the absorption of sugar into the blood. Plus, the fat (omegas 3 and 6 - the good kind) helps the body absorb nutrients.
Recipes: Plum Crisp - Scrumptious Strawberry Shortcake - Real Whipped Cream

icle-topics/article-topics.php?Article_ID=9620">A Soy-Lemon Dish That Might Even Tempt a Toddler
Recipes: Nick's Spring Chicken - Dinner Hash Browns - Mom's Salad Dressing

Making a Morning Meal That Works
I love breakfast - just not the minute I wake up. It's a good hour or two before my body wants anything to do with pancakes or fried eggs or even oatmeal, my favorite meal in the morning.
Recipe: Apple Oatmeal Bars

A Little Sleight of Hand … Goes a Long Way
The Not Too Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie: One of the great joys of parenthood comes in the act of surreptitiously sneaking healthful ingredients into a child's favorite foods. But there is one rule of thumb: it still has to taste good!
Recipe: The Not Too Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie

Spaghetti Carbonara to the Rescue
If you are looking for a new family favorite, give this classic Roman dish a try.