Family Onboard Archive

Carpooling 101
A car pool is just as much a team effort as the soccer games we shuttle our kids to. Brush up on the rules of the game.

How to Carry Just About Anything on Your Car

When you can’t ... quite ... squeeze ... one ... more ... thing into your vehicle – and you don’t want to sacrifice your passengers – it’s time to start thinking “outside the car.”

Mini-Van or SUV? Which is Right for Your Family 
Parents and automotive experts weigh in on the minivan vs. SUV debate. Read what these "Road Scholars" had to say.

Thumbs-Up for Rear Seat Entertainment
For long trips and bumper-to-bumper commutes, nothing can save the day – or the vacation – like a rear-seat entertainment system.

Eco-Friendly Family Vehicles

A useful family vehicle doesn't have to be a gas-guzzler. If a wallop to your wallent isn't enought to get you to rethink your family transportatioin, maybe you should consider the environmental consequences. 

Sedan Vs. SUV 
Check our chart of the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Convertibles Aren't Just for Kids

Peeling back the top from your car can turn even a trip to the dentist into an amusement park ride.

The Family Sedan
But family sedans still make up the largest segment of new vehicles on the road today. Find out who's buying them and why.