Family Music Reviews by John Wood
Listen Up! Do You Wanna Dance? Parents, there comes a time in the course of human events when we need our children up and dancing, jumping, moving and grooving to music that will not have us frantically dialing the Betty Ford Clinic. To this end, I have sacrificed my ears and a generous portion of my soul to find you music that is not only fanciful and danceable, but historical and hysterical - and it might just teach a thing or two along the way

Going Global: 8 Great World Music CDs for Kids
(September 2006)
What exactly is world music? According to the good old dictionary it is described as "music from cultures other than those of Western Europe and English-speaking North America, especially popular music from Latin America, Africa and Asia."

Family Travel Tunes (July 2006)
7 selections for tour summer sojourn playlist

A Look Back at the Grammys
(April 2006)
Reviews of Grammy nominees Be Bop Your Best! (Red Grammer), Green Gorilla Monster & Me (Ralph’s World), Scat Like That: A Musical Word Odyssey (Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer), Some Assembly Required (Tom Chapin) and Songs From The Neighborhood – The Music of Mister Rogers (Various Artists)

The Wiggles (March 2006)
Reviews of The Wiggles Sailing Around the World (The Wiggles) and Hot Air Balloon (Vanessa Trien)

Turn Up The Music! (February 2006)
Reviews of Turn Up The Music! (Lanny Sherwin) and Marvelous Day! (Steve Roslonek)

The Giggling Dragon
 (January 2006)
Reviews of The Giggling Dragon (Dan Crow) and Jazz Baby – Sessions 1-3 (various artists, Casablanca Kids) 

Santa's Reindeer Deliver a Musical Mix of Holiday Pix
(December 2005)

Reviews of Giddyup! (Buck Howdy), One More Time (Bill Harley), Some Assembly Required (Tom Chapin), Scat Like That: A Musical Word Odyssey (Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer), Green Gorilla Monster & Me (Ralph’s World), Songs From The Neighborhood (Mr. Rogers), Johnette Downing, Dianne de Las Casas, Inscribed – Songs for Holy Days (Craig Taubman), The Wonder of the Written Word and Around the World With J.P. Nightingale (J.P. Nightingale)       

John McCutcheon's Four Seasons
(October 2005)
Reviews of Four Seasons – Summersongs, Wintersongs, Autumnsongs, Springsongs (John McCutcheon)

Songs That Stir the Heart
(September 2005)
Reviews of World Around Song (Jim Newton and Noel Paul Stookey) and Early Morning Knee-Slappin’ Tunes (Mike Whitla)

Singing Jet Planes and Whistling Pigs
(August 2005)
Reviews of Can a Jumbo Jet Sing the Alphabet? (Hap Palmer) and The Whistling Pig Presents Songs From the Heart (Doug & Bobbie Stuart)

Buccaneers and Buckaroos
(July 2005)
Reviews of Pegleg Tango (Captain Boggs & Salty) and Buckaroos Sleep Too! (The Cowboy Girl)

Songs in the Key of Life
(June 2005)
Reviews of Pet Sounds (Gary Rosen) and We All Laugh in the Same Language (Marla Lewis)

Parachute and Paul(May 2005)

f Parachute Express and Don't Blink.

Stories and Songs That Are Good for the Soul
(March 2005)
f Teachers' Lounge and Wings of Slumber.

Picasso and the Windy City(January 2005)
f Hey Picasso! and Singin' in the City.

Kid and Steam Shovels(February 2005)
f For the Kids Too and Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel.

A Musical Mix of Holiday Picks!(December 2004)
f Merry Fishes to All, Christmas Around the World and other tunes of the season.

Ella: Enchanting As Always(October 2004)
Review of cELLAbration: A Tribute to Ella Jenkins.

Positive Songs You Can Count On(September 2004)
Review of Math Jam 1 and bee positive.

Dancin’ in the Sun  (August 2004)
f Caribean Playground and
Good Morning Sun, Goodnight Moon

Oh, Canada!(July 2004)
Review of Great Big Hits 2 and Sing With Fred.

Rounder Revisits Beethoven and Drives Dinos to Dance(June 2004)
Review of Beethoven's Wig 2 and Rhino Tap.

Sing-Alongs and Animal Songs(May 2004)

Reviews of Sing Along With Putumayo and Beasts by the Bunches.

TV Turnoff with T-Rex!
Review of Martian Television Invasion by Thaddeus Rex (April 2004)">Mommy & Me and Hap Make Three!(March 2004)
Reviews of Playgroup Favorites and More Playgroup Favorites

It's Grammy Time 2004!
(Feb. 2004)
Reviews of Grammy nominees Baby’s Broadway Lullabies,Bon Appetit!,Making Good Noise, Philadelphia Chickens, and When Bullfrogs Croak.">Hear & Gone and Aesop, Too! (Jan. 2004)
Reviews of Hear & Gone in 60 Seconds and Aesop For All Ages">A Musical Mix of Holiday Pix (December 2003)">Magical Musical Moments (October 2003)
Reviews of The Magic Garden and Pick Me, Pick Me.">Dreams & Puzzles (Sept. 2003)
Reviews of Dream with Me Tonight, Volume 2: A Father’s Lullabies and It's a Puzzle
Good for the Goose (Aug. 2003)
Reviews of Mother Goose’s Never-Ending Tea Party and Rockin’ with the Goose">Three for the Road (July 2003)
Reviews of You Are My Sunshine, Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta FUNsies 1, and The Kids Collection of Greatest Classics, Volumes 1-3">Mrs. Music to the Rescue! (June 2003)
Reviews of It’s Holiday Time! and Celebrating Children

Classical Kids (May 2003)
Review of Kids Collection of Greatest Classics, Volumes 1-3

Songsmiths for Youngsters(April 2003)
Reviews of Not Naptime and Uh-Oh!

Teddy Bears & Shel(March 2003)
Reviews of Teddy Bear Tunes Volume 1 and Shel Silverstein’s Underwater Land

Two Sides of the Same Coin(February 2003)
Reviews of Night Time! and Lullablues

Golden Slumbers in Dreamland(January 2003)
Reviews of Golden Slumbers: A Father’s Lullaby and Dreamland

Musical Choices for the Holidays(December 2002)

Visiting Ralph’s World(October 2002)
Review of Ralph’s World: At the Bottom of the Sea

Edu-taining Tunes
Reviews of One Little Sound: Fun With Phonics and Numbers and Peace In Our Land: Children Celebrating Diversity