Family Cruisin’: What to Ask When Planning a Cruise Vacation

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 Inquire about the following when researching a particular cruise line:

• If you have an infant, ask about any minimum age required to sail.
Some lines will accept newborns; others, only infants 3 months or older. Some lines also have potty-training restrictions in their childcare centers.

• What are the children’s programs and activities?
Some lines cater to children; some offer token activities and events. Be informed.

• Is there a playroom or game room dedicated to children or teens?

• Are there family-only and adult-only areas of the ship?

• Will the ports of call interest your children?
Older kids may like more shore excursions, while the younger crowd will benefit from a couple more days at sea, where everyone is free to enjoy the ship’s amenities.

• Does the ship dock directly at ports, or do passengers have to ferry in to shore?
Strollers, diaper bags and the like can be a real hassle to carry on and off of these small boats.

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