Explore the Science Behind Gender Selection

Much of the knowledge of preconception gender selection has been gained in recent years; however, early studies have shown the benefit of manipulating certain aspects of the normal reproductive cycle. Utilizing methods and techniques derived by intense study, researchers have discovered that gender selection can be aided by focusing on the ovulated egg, the surrounding environment within the female reproductive tract and its influence on the adjacent sperm.

An eight-year old company GenSelect ( -- has further developed those methods and techniques into a product called
the GenSelect Fully Integrated Program. The methodology has been utilized in various gynecology offices around the world.

GenSelect's patent-pending Fully Integrated Program is the only scientifically validated kit, developed by a team of physicians, which harnesses clinically proven factors to effectively determine the gender of your baby. The boy and girl kits have proven 96% effective in controlled studies (your results will depend on how closely you adhere to the kit's guidelines). This kit will only be effective if you are not yet pregnant (although using the kit while pregnant will not cause any adverse effects).

The kit comes in two forms - boy or girl genders. While similar, the kits contain very different components. Each kit consists of:

Comprehensive guide to walk you through the use of the kit, along with diet instructions over a 30 day period when you are trying to conceive

Set of five ovulation predictors to help you time your intercourse to ovulation

Douche to influence acidity

Digital thermometer to measure basal body temperature

Temperature body charts to track body temperature over time

Two separate nutriceutical supplements, formulated by our team of physicians, designed to work along with a coordinated diet.

GenSelect's Fully Integrated Program greatly amplifies the four natural key factors which determine the sex of a baby. These are:

Body Condition: A unique component of
GenSelect's Fully Integrated Program is the gender specific nutriceuticals. Clinical trials published in the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics have shown that the differential consumption of specific univalent and divalent cationic elements can greatly influence the gender of subsequent conceptions.

These elements are found in variable concentrations in both the seminal fluids from the male and in the fluids of the female reproductive tract. They are known to influence the allosteric properties of enzymatic systems and also influence the chemotactic properties of the unfertilized egg.

Intercourse Timing:
Conception can occur only after the female has released an egg from her ovary; a process known as ovulation. Once this has occurred, the egg is then only capable of being fertilized over the next few hours. Strong evidence exists which shows that the ratio of viable "Y" carrying (male) sperm and "X" carrying (female) sperm differ in concentration in the female reproductive tract depending upon when they were deposited. Subsequently, knowing when ovulation will occur and when it has occurred is very important. Coordinating this event with the timing of intercourse is then not only important for conception, but is also very important in the pre-conception gender selection process.

Vaginal Environment: The vaginal environment and the changes that it undergoes during the normal menstrual cycle can also greatly influence natural gender selection. By taking advantage of these naturally occurring characteristics, a vaginal douche has been developed which amplifies this natural selection process.

It is well known by scientists that the composition of an individual's diet can influence the outcome of natural bodily processes.

GenSelect takes advantage of this knowledge by providing specific dietary guidelines that work in conjunction with the gender specific nutriceuticals to help alter the concentration of critical elements in the males' and females' reproductive fluids.